Five Things | May 7 2014

Five Things I'm lusting over this week in no particular order. 

1. GREY ABBEY by Elizabeth Olwen

This modern take on vintage fabric is perfection - the colours, the flower motifs, that name! Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto based surface designer inspired by pastoral beauty, nature, folklore and romance. I'm usually pretty good at resisting fabric temptations but I might just have some of this on its way to me. And by might, I mean most definitely. 

2. This AMAZING watercolour book 

Created in 1692, this 800 page book illustrates how to create different hues and tones by mixing colours and adding water. The ENTIRE book is available for viewing here in high resolution. Never have I missed art school so much.

3. HOMEMADE Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap

The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess have put together a delicious recipe for homemade soap using a pre-mixed goats milk soap base and fresh ingredients. I'm looking forward to trying it out later this month for part of an upcoming wedding shower gift. 

4. POMPOM Quarterly | Summer 2014

It hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already drooling over the designs in Pompom Summer 2014. Beautiful designs aside, my favourite thing about Pompom Magazine is the quality of the production. From concept to form, photographed, printed and in your hands, each Pompom reads like a small book. It's such a refreshing change from the cheap, rushed, glossy paged magazines we are so accustomed to today.

5. FREE Knitting Printable from VERY SHANNON

Check out this new printable by Shannon Cook. Perfect for keeping track of your million knitting projects and the notes you wish you kept for them. Now there's no excuse not to!