Viridian Hue is an expression and continuation of the creative life I have lived since a young age. 

My inspirations for new projects often come from the colour relationships I take note of throughout my daily life. I pay close attention to how colours look together, how they change beside each other and the conversations they create amongst one another. Most of my creative decisions are made first by colour, then by shape, followed by texture.

I began knitting in 2007 when my mom opened 88 Stitches, a local yarn shop in Langley, BC. There I quickly developed my love of yarn, knitting and knitwear design while working part time at the shop. 

I officially formed Sweet Fiber Yarns in 2011 while earning my BFA at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design. There I studied painting, colour theory, print making and art history. I graduated in 2012.

In 2013 I designed and photographed my first pattern collection for Sweet Fiber Yarns. It features an assortment of hand knit accessories inspired by the cooler months here on the west coast of Canada. In the same year I had the pleasure of contributing a design to Cascadia, a book collaboration between hand dyers and designers from the west coast. It was edited by Amanda and Fiona of Knit Social and published by Cooperative Press.